What is Online Lottery?

Online Lottery is a form of lottery where players can purchase entries into official state lotteries without visiting a brick-and-mortar store. These sites act as middlemen between players and the official lottery, selling tickets at a price that’s often similar to what’s charged in traditional stores. Online lotteries don’t actually purchase the tickets for their customers, but they do allow players to manage their entries and winnings through a dedicated account.

Players can access an online lotto website using any device with internet connection and a web browser, or through a dedicated mobile app. The process of buying a ticket is simple; players choose the numbers they want to play with (usually from three, four or five selections) and then submit them for the draw. If their numbers match the winning ones, they win a prize. Some online lotteries also offer syndicates, which lets players pool their ticket purchasing power to increase their chances of winning.

Another benefit of online lottery is the convenience of being able to buy tickets from anywhere, at any time. This helps people who are busy and don’t have a lot of time to go to the lottery shop. It also cuts down on the likelihood of misplacing or losing a physical ticket.

Several state lotteries also use their proceeds to support a variety of charitable programs. For example, Kentucky’s online lottery donates a percentage of its proceeds to various grant and scholarship programs.