The Dangers of Online Gambling

Online gambling is a rapidly expanding industry. Worldwide it produces approximately US$33 billion in revenue, and it is tipped to grow even more.

The Internet is widely used for a variety of reasons, including shopping, banking and research. But the Internet is also a popular source of entertainment. Online gambling is a form of online gaming where a person can place wagers, either real or virtual, for money. It is often done through a computer, but can also be done on a smartphone.

Although many people enjoy gambling, some find that it becomes a problem. It can affect their finances, relationships and other aspects of life. It can also lead to a variety of psychological problems. It can cause stress and anxiety, and even feelings of guilt or depression. In addition, it can lead to physical effects such as weight gain or loss.

While it is difficult to determine the extent of harm, a recent study of online gambling found that some people experience significant financial harm. This is partly due to the ease with which funds can be withdrawn, but also because many operators do not provide tools for customers to manage their spending. Other risks include cybercrime, which can lead to identity theft, fraud and even financial distress.

The research reported here was conducted using an interview methodology, and may be susceptible to recall and social desirability biases. However, the use of interviews enabled a richer understanding of the online gambling experience than could be gained through traditional quantitative methods and identified some potentially harmful changes to online gambling that warrant further research.